The Balvenie Distillery is built on the stories that are told from each generation of craftsmen to the next. They’re its lifeblood. It is how they pass on what they know, how they process experiences, and how they create new ideas. The Balvenie Stories range is a collection of single malt whiskies representing tales of character, endeavour and craft. Each whisky produced by The Balvenie tells a human story, evolving with the protagonists and developing unexpected twists through years of maturation.

We’ve got craftspeople who have worked here for many many years and they have great stories, it makes for very memorable moments when we tell them.


Each whisky is accompanied by an audiobook which brings to life the story behind each expression, through a series of conversations between The Balvenie’s craftsmen and The Balvenie Global Ambassador Gemma Paterson. These conversations were recorded at locations significant to the narrative of each tale, including at The Balvenie Distillery and as far afield as Kelvin Cooperage, Kentucky. Each audiobook concludes with David Stewart and Kelsey McKechnie sharing a dram of some of the very first bottles of The Balvenie Stories with the craftsmen who created the whiskies you’re about to enjoy.

Listen: The Balvenie Stories 12 Year Old Sweet Toast of American Oak

Listen: The Balvenie Stories 14 Year Old Week of Peat

Listen: The Balvenie Stories 19 Year Old The Edge of Burnhead Wood